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Just remembered a convo I had a few years back with my dad. We were never too close in the beginning and after mom passed he asked about my direction in life: marriage and kids (he ignores some details.) We’ve gotten into arguments about my music…..the biggest one was looking back one day and having had my whole life go by without having accomplished my career goals and not having life goals come to fruition. I told him that this is why I’m here; anything else is extra. If I spend my prime chasing this and look back one day to realize I am a lonely old man with nothing to show for my hard work….that will be my cross to carry…….I’ve been VERY familiar with pain and dealing with it.No matter how he and I fight….and how much he doesn’t Agree with my lifestyle nor accept it….I know secretly….there is some part of him that is at least slightly proud of the fact that I’ve got the balls to never give up even when it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to.

This is it.

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