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The Artists We’ve Lost

A few weeks ago I found out that Chuck Berry died. I’m not really even a big Chuck Berry fan cuz he was pretty far before my time. But yo Chuck basically invented rock and roll… he was a music icon… and now he’s gone. So I started thinking about the people who’ve made music great that have just passed away… IDK, think about ALL THE MUSICIANS who died last year… David Bowie, Prince, George Michael. I mean, Prince did it all and changed pop music, and Bowie is a HERO!

I get that everybody’s time comes, but what’s best is that their music will NEVER die. You can take Bowie and Prince and George Michael and Chuck Berry or any artist and the great thing is that even when they’re gone, their music is still around forever… The way I see it, Bowie comes back to life every time I pop on my buds and power up his music. So rest in peace yall, and as an artist I hope that I can be loved and remembered for my music by following in your path.

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