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The Artists We’ve Lost

A few weeks ago I found out that Chuck Berry died. I’m not really even a big Chuck Berry fan cuz he was pretty far before my time. But yo Chuck basically invented rock and roll… he was a music icon… and now he’s gone. So I started thinking about the people who’ve made music great that have just passed away… IDK, think about ALL THE MUSICIANS who died last year… David Bowie, Prince, George Michael. I mean, Prince did it all and changed pop music, and Bowie is a HERO!

I get that everybody’s time comes, but what’s best is that their music will NEVER die. You can take Bowie and Prince and George Michael and Chuck Berry or any artist and the great thing is that even when they’re gone, their music is still around forever… The way I see it, Bowie comes back to life every time I pop on my buds and power up his music. So rest in peace yall, and as an artist I hope that I can be loved and remembered for my music by following in your path.

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A Change in Scenery


Just made a huge move – from Silver Spring to Miami! It’s hard to say goodbye to the people I love and who support me, but there are so many opportunities here to spread my music and my message that I just had to give it a try. Plus, I’ve also got some fam and friends in FL, and even though the summer can get really hot (in lots of ways lol) I can definitely say goodbye to my winter clothes. Speaking of hot weather, I hope y’all have had a chance to check out my duet with Asia Major. We shot that one in LA, and it was like 95 degrees that day. I’m really happy with how it came out, and the response so far has been awesome. Plus, I’ve still got my team supporting me, and there is def more great music to come. Thank you all so much for your support – it means everything to me!

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This is it

Just remembered a convo I had a few years back with my dad. We were never too close in the beginning and after mom passed he asked about my direction in life: marriage and kids (he ignores some details.) We’ve gotten into arguments about my music…..the biggest one was looking back one day and having had my whole life go by without having accomplished my career goals and not having life goals come to fruition. I told him that this is why I’m here; anything else is extra. If I spend my prime chasing this and look back one day to realize I am a lonely old man with nothing to show for my hard work….that will be my cross to carry…….I’ve been VERY familiar with pain and dealing with it.No matter how he and I fight….and how much he doesn’t Agree with my lifestyle nor accept it….I know secretly….there is some part of him that is at least slightly proud of the fact that I’ve got the balls to never give up even when it’s IMPOSSIBLE not to.

This is it.

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Live YOUR life

You know, looking back….the only one who ever TRULY encouraged and acknowledged my progress during my weight loss journey was my ma. Since she’s been gone I’ve lost a lot of weight and it has been a STRUGGLE let me tell you. I FAIL constantly like everyone else does. As tough as it is, I keep picking myself up to Keep going. No one tells me to. When I really think about it, I’ve had more people supporting me FAIL than succeed…..but I am grateful for the very few people who support my decisions to live a healthier lifestyle and even cheer me on with recipes and tips.When people look at you, they don’t KNOW your story. They don’t know you were over a hundred pounds heavier and lost your mom, etc…. and endured more emotional stress than they might imagine…(trust me, my story is freaking soap opera worthy smh lol)..all they see is what’s in front of them “oh….look at that fat person.”

That CANT dictate your outcome.

Get up. Do something. Anything. No matter how small. It makes a difference.

A little turns into a lot.

It’s your life.

Live it.


Jay Saturn says 😉

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Back to Saturn

jaythumbIt’s been awhile since you’ve heard from your favorite Mohawk sporting outcast, but I PROMISE you that I’ve been staying out of trouble (for the most part!) I’ve been working on some TOP secret stuff in the studio….I hope y’all are as excited as I am! I’ve been spending time in the gym, too- weight loss is no joke; it’s TOUGH! I guess I’ll conclude with this: thank you all for sticking by me even when it seemed as if I was out of the picture for awhile…..It’s going to be an EXCITING new year! I hope yall are ready for some great tunes and surprises along the way!

Yours Forever,

Jay Saturn

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Got to meet Lady Gaga after her concert! She actually shouted me out from the stage during the show! She said she saw me and my great hair looking fab! Talk about showing love!

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